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Write F for Fact and O for Opinion


_____1. Beatrice is the most beautiful woman in the land.

_____2. Il Moro becomes enchanted with his wife.

_____3. Il Moro has no right falling in love with his own wife.

_____4. Leonardo is the only man who could teach Il Moro to love his wife.

_____5. Love makes a lazy man lazier and an ambitious one even more ambitious.

_____6. Il Moro wants Leonardo to paint a portrait of Beatrice.

_____7. Leonardo wants to paint a portrait of Beatrice.

_____8. Leonardo is the greatest painter of his time.

_____9. Being painted sitting on a horse is not proper for a lady.

_____10. Beatrice gives birth to their first child.

_____11. Maximilian is a more appropriate name than Ercole.

_____12. It is stealing to take milk from a cow in order to make a pudding.

_____13.  Salai and Beatrice spend many hours together.

_____14. Isabella used to look prettier.

_____15. Salai is the best brother in the kingdom.

_____16. Isabella responds to flattery

_____17. Beatrice has rooms filled with jewels, musical instruments, and glass.

_____18. Beatrice has the finest collection of swords in Milan.

_____19. Master Leonardo designs many things for Beatrice.

_____20. Isabella is a much more fitting subject than Beatrice.

_____21. Isabella is clever and brilliant.

_____22. Isabella does not get enough attention in Milan.

_____23. Isabella receives a letter from a scholar friend of hers.

_____24.  Columbus explored for the King of Spain.

_____25. Leonardo does not believe Isabella.

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