The Tale of Khalifah the Fisherman







Number these events in the order that they happened.


_____ Khalifah was worried about his money and beat himself.

_____ Mistakenly, Khalifah accepted the gold coins.

_____ Khalifah cast his net and all the gold fell into the Tigris River.

_____ Khalifah cast out his net and pulled in a very strange-looking monkey.

_____ Khalifah was given directions to use the fish to his advantage.

_____ A poor fisherman cast his net and hauled in a lame, one-eyed monkey.

_____ Khalifah caught more fish and received enough gold to make himself rich.

_____ Khalifah took the red-haired monkey’s advice, cast his net, and pulled in a beautiful fish.

_____ Khalifah presented the fish to Abu Ahmad.

_____ When Khalifah was fishing, he threw out his net and hauled in a red-haired monkey.

_____ Khalifah returned to Abu Ahmad and recited certain words.


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